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Spinal treatment

We pride ourselves on offering an excellent assessment system for spinal injuries. Back pain is a complex condition and often very debilitating.

We try to simplify the process and collate all the information to ensure a smooth and fast recovery to alleviate your pain. It will be important to view your scans should you have had these.

We perform a complete assessment and then use a manual therapy based approach to identify the cause of your pain. We then look to address the underlying issues with appropriate treatment which may include mobilisation, manipulation, muscle release work and neural mobilisation and needling. This will often then be combined with an exercise based approach to ensure there is no recurrence of the injury and that you return to your pre injury state if not stronger.

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What Simon’s Clients Say:

“Working with Simon has been an absolute joy his knowledge and expertise have helped me in a whole host of areas. My performance is better than ever and I’ve achieved several personal bests since I started working with him. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone.”

James, London




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