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Mayfair Pilates was born out of wanting to provide high quality movement and pilates work to help improves one’s life. We need to fight the effects of modern life and Mayfair Pilates can help deliver this.

We want to improve your spinal health and wellbeing by improving how you move and developing strength from within. Our team led by Specialist Physiotherapists will help to tailor a unique program to ensure good spinal health and wellness to enable you to reach you training or life goals .

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Whatever condition you need assistance with, the team at Mayfair Pilates has the expertise to help you.

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What Simon’s Clients Say:

“Working with Simon has been an absolute joy his knowledge and expertise have helped me in a whole host of areas. My performance is better than ever and I’ve achieved several personal bests since I started working with him. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone.”

James, London




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