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Lifestyle Assessment

In our modern fast paced society it is important to take stock of our lives and our health. Are you struggling to balance the demands of training, work and life.

We can undertake a full lifestyle assessment using our resident GP Dr jag to complete any further health screening or checks. It is an assessment that looks at your movement based health and spinal health and fitness parameters using your heart health to assess your bodies ability to recover.

We will assess your stress levels and ways you deal with stress and suggest strategies to change your exercise and life patterns that may be contributing to poor health both emotionally and physically.

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What Simon’s Clients Say:

“Working with Simon has been an absolute joy his knowledge and expertise have helped me in a whole host of areas. My performance is better than ever and I’ve achieved several personal bests since I started working with him. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone.”

James, London




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