Frequently Asked Questions

Yes we work with all insurance companies however we only bill Bupa directly so all the others you will need to pay on the day and reclaim back from your insurance.
Yes please bring any scans or imaging you have had so that the Clinician can have a look at the images to ensure we have the complete picture of your injury.
You can wear or get changed into something comfortable. You may be asked to expose the injured area to be able to complete an assessment. We can give you shorts if needed and there will be change room facilities.
Often it will be necessary to complete some movement based work as part of your rehabilitation so either come prepared or you can change at our premises.
It is a good idea to arrive 10-15 minutes early especially for your initial appointment.
You will be informed at the time of booking if the appointment is for 30, 45 mins or 1 hour.
Simon has very good relationships with many of the leading Consultants in London and it will be important to liaise with your team to ensure we have all the information required.
Yes, Simon has specific hours at all his sites but if one site doesn’t suit discuss this with his team who may be able to facilitate you being seen in your preferred location.
Yes we offer discounts of 5% for a group of five, 10% for ten or 15% for 20 sessions.

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What Simon’s Clients Say:

“Working with Simon has been an absolute joy his knowledge and expertise have helped me in a whole host of areas. My performance is better than ever and I’ve achieved several personal bests since I started working with him. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone.”

James, London




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