The Epidemic of Modern Life

We are in an epidemic of fast paced life, always being connected and demands on our time from work, family and life. Our bodies were not designed for this constant over attention and stimulation and this constant medium level of stress. Negative effects include increase mental health issues, cardiac issues, gut health issues and musculoskeletal issues to name a few. … Read More


Hypermobility is starting to become more well recognised. Hypermobility is a genetic condition affecting between 20-30% females and 10-15% males, although these numbers vary widely.  Different ethnic backgrounds will have higher levels of hypermobility than the general population like Asian populations.  Most elite athletes are hypermobile or have a degree of peripheral hypermobility. It can be amazingly helpful in a … Read More

Fit to Sit

In our computer driven society we have moved away from the active roles and are spending more time sitting. As humans we have evolved from hunter gatherers and we are progressing towards a more inactive society where the incidental exercise we do is diminishing. Our bodies were designed to be active and strong yet our basic levels of strength and … Read More